My second day at Kavos Bay started with breakfast on the patio and then a ride into town. We had planned on hanging out at the beach and then doing a bit of shopping but ended up nixing the beach because it was so crowded. Instead we browsed through numerous shops and made numerous purchases including two giant blow-up floats. We took a much-needed break from shopping 🙂 and enjoyed smoothies at a place called B-52.

Did I mention that the giant blow-up floats we bought were already blown up? Yeah. We hadn’t really thought about transporting them back to our hotel when we made our purchase. But we somehow managed to cram both floats, and Teresa, into the back seat of the small car that picked us up. Success!!

floats in car

Once back at our hotel, we changed into swimsuits then walked along the short, rocky path through the pine trees to a small stone beach. We placed our floats in the crystal clear water and enjoyed floating along, listening to the waves lapping on the rocks and the boats going by. The water was gorgeous and you could see all the way to the bottom of the sea (and all the sea urchins resting there waiting to impale an unsuspecting foot – I was a bit paranoid).


After floating around the sea for a couple of hours, and watching a man catch an eel with a spear (!), we came back to the hotel, freshened up, and headed down to the patio where we played cards for a bit and then had dinner.

Day three was another beautiful day and we went back down to our little stone beach for some more fun on our floats! After a couple of hours we pulled our burnt bodies out of the water and went back to the coolness of our hotel room. After a lovely lunch of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, potato salad and COKE FLOATS, 🙂 we spent the rest of the afternoon journaling, catching up on emails, and sitting on our balcony enjoying the breeze. We had another lovely dinner under the canopy of bougainvillea on the patio. Seriously, I think this was the loveliest setting of all our meals in Europe!


Day four began again with a trek to our favorite beach. However today we were greeted by the sight of an older Greek man in a striped Speedo, standing on the rocks and beating to death a catch of large squid. He would take one of the squid and throw it down on the rocks as hard as he could. This he would repeat at least 50 times before moving on to the next poor creature. We were quite fascinated. Teresa finally couldn’t take it any longer and went to get her camera so she could take video of the show. Enjoy!

While enjoying being on the water again, we noticed the wind had picked up a bit and before we knew it we were floating out to sea! We had to work a little harder this day at keeping our floats near the shore but it was still wonderful!

float at sea

Our final evening in Aegina was filled with another memorable meal (pastitsio, fried zucchini) and even more memorable views. We also visited with some of the other hotel guests who hailed from various parts of the world.

dinner & sunset

Our time in Aegina ended up being exactly what we needed and wanted – a relaxing getaway in a peaceful and beautiful setting! I highly recommend a visit!

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