Pre-cruise plans: wake up early every morning for sunrise yoga on the pool deck. Cruise reality: sleep. Ah well… I actually did wake up early on the first morning and saw that I was too late for the yoga class so went back to sleep. When I awoke again and looked at the time on my phone, I bolted up in bed because I couldn’t believe it was 11:45am!!!

I was in shock! My first thought was that I didn’t know if I had ever slept that late before! My second thought was: WE MISSED BREAKFAST!!! Priorities.

I was apparently making quite a bit of noise in my distress and woke up Teresa and her mom who asked me what time it was. I told them to brace themselves for a shock…it was lunchtime. Teresa calmly told me that was not correct and the clock on my phone was wrong. Sure enough, my phone had jumped ahead four hours and it was, in fact, only 7:45am. Whew! I was relieved, but I’m not so sure Teresa shared my feelings as she was now awake at 7:45 on her first morning of vacation. Whoops.

Since we were up, Teresa and I decided to put on our running shoes for a go around the track on deck 4. It is just so nice running outside while literally surrounded by water! The breeze and the views made it a most enjoyable and easy 2-mile run.

morning run

Immediately following our run we headed up to Cabana’s for the breakfast buffet.

Thanks for saving "our" table for us, Karen! :-)

Thanks for saving “our” table for us, Karen! 🙂

Then we changed into swimsuits to spend some time in the sun! Unfortunately for us, we encountered two problems in our quest to lay out: 1) no available lounge chairs; and 2) a breeze that some might classify as hurricane force.

Seriously. I honestly don’t remember wind like this on my previous cruises! We finally found two lounge chairs situated in the sun and attempted to lay our towels out on them – not an easy task at all with the crazy wind.

We laid there for a bit, shivering whenever the sun went behind the clouds (which was often), then I decided to test the water temps in the adult pool. Felt pretty good so I convinced Teresa to join me in the warm-ish water. This wasn’t my best idea ever as when it came time to get out, I thought we both might die from hypothermia – sooooo cold being wet with the strong, cool wind blowing!

Two towels and a shirt = STILL COLD!!! (and Teresa looks like she might kill me for talking her into going in the pool...)

Two towels and a shirt = STILL COLD!!! (and Teresa looks like she might kill me for talking her into going in the pool…)

After trying to dry off a bit, we met Teresa’s mom at Cabana’s for lunch. That was followed by another attempt to find a “premium” lounge chair (aka padded with a pillow) in the adult-only area on deck 13. We got lucky this time!

It’s crazy that I actually got sunburnt this day as it was mostly cloudy and I was shivering under towels for most of my “lying out” time. Oh well. We still enjoyed just relaxing and reading and napping. 🙂

more towel pics

Tonight was the one formal night on the cruise so we took some extra time getting ready for dinner. Our meal this evening was at The Enchanted Garden which was quite the lovely and “enchanting” restaurant!

As you enter, it’s daytime in the “garden” but as the meal progresses, the sun slowly descends as the restaurant turns to dusk, then night. So neat.

I went “seafood” this evening and had a lovely lobster ravioli followed by asparagus soup with crab, then sea bass for my entree. Everything was really light and delicious!

Enchanted Garden dinner one

I struggled with my dessert selection because I really wanted one of everything! So Teresa and I each ordered two desserts and shared them. Why not? 🙂

enchanted garden dessert

After dinner we grabbed seats in the Walt Disney Theater to see the presentation “Aladdin: The Musical”. It was fantastic!!! I am constantly amazed at the scope of these productions!

Looking regal and....not so regal

Looking regal and….not so regal

We were not nearly as tired this evening as our first evening at sea, so we decided to catch some of the adult entertainment. We watched a fun game show at one of the clubs then went back to the Walt Disney Theater for the Magic Dave Show – an adult-only variety act featuring magician David Williamson. So entertaining and funny!! I loved it!

I was determined to participate in at least one sunrise yoga session so I set my alarm to wake me up the following morning with juuuust enough time to throw on some clothes and run up to deck 11.

I joined about twenty other early risers for a lovely 30-minute yoga session by the pool. It was so pleasant and peaceful walking around the deck in the early morning when it’s so quiet and there’s hardly a soul to be seen. So, so nice.

Breakfast followed with Teresa and Karen then we pretty much repeated the day before: lounge chair search, laying out, reading, napping, eating, switching lounge chairs, more sleeping, more eating, time to get ready for dinner! 🙂

cruise day two

This evening our dining rotation took us to the Royal Court – the nicest of the three restaurants on the rotation.

Royal Court dinner oneAnd dinner was followed by another wonderful show: Disney Wishes. And our favorite towel animal: the elephant.

He stayed with us for the entire cruise :-)

He stayed with us for the entire cruise 🙂

Two full days at sea and we were very excited for the following day when we would get to see land again! And double that excitement because that land was the island of St. Thomas!