The one thing I had put at the top of my list of things to do during my trip to New York last month (well, the only thing really…other than eat some great food 🙂 ), was to see a Broadway show. More specifically, a Broadway musical. Even more specifically, An American in Paris.

An American in Paris Playbill

After watching the Tony Awards this year I was determined to see this musical during my time in New York. I was a little worried that my Aunt Georgann wouldn’t be on board as she isn’t a fan of musicals, but not only did she humor me and agree to go, she actually enjoyed it!

Our Friday started with some fresh pastries and bread I picked up from Grace’s Marketplace (an awesome market located on the Upper East Side that I wish I had discovered earlier!) along with some fruit and cheese we had purchased at Chelsea Market on Tuesday. Lovely, lovely way to start the day (although maybe not the healthiest 😛 ).

Friday breakfast

Visiting another museum was originally on our agenda this day but since it was forecasted to be an absolutely beautiful day, we decided to forego the museum for now and spend some time outdoors.

I may have mentioned before my love of green space in cities. Okay, I’m pretty sure I’ve brought it up one or two times. Or one or two dozen times. Or more. I just love being outdoors and love cities that have extensive places where one can get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy some peace in nature.

Enter: Central Park. Although it’s still kind of hard to completely “get away” from the NYC craziness while remaining in the city, Central Park does a mighty fine job of providing a pretty extensive oasis.

Central Park

We entered the park from the Upper East Side and strolled along the Mall, stopping near the Naumburg Bandshell to check out some street performers who were stretching and preparing for their act. I don’t remember the name of these guys but they were pretty amazing. Very funny and entertaining and performed some crazy tricks!

And yes, the guy on the right is flipping OVER some kids!

And yes, the guy on the right is flipping OVER some kids!

We stayed for their entire performance then continued our walk and stopped again at Bethesda Fountain to sit for a bit and take some photos.

A quick loop around the Boathouse Restaurant and then we found a bench in the shade to sit and people watch while enjoying the beautiful weather.

Central Park 2

After awhile we decided to head back to our apartment for our daily afternoon “rest”. 🙂 We took a different route back through the park which brought us out at one of the south exits – across the street from The Plaza Hotel. Georgann had never been to The Plaza so we took a quick peek inside then continued to our apartment, stopping along the way at Juice Generation (loved this place! can I try one of everything??) so I could get a green smoothie. Yummm!!

Juice Generation green smoothie

That evening began with an Über ride (I’ve become quite the fan) to Becco – an Italian restaurant opened by chef, author and restauranteur, Lidia Bastianich and her son. This restaurant had been recommended to us and it did not disappoint! The service was impeccable, the food was amazingly delicious, it was a wonderful dining experience!

The bread, olives and white bean dip we were presented with shortly after we sat down, the Insalata Mista (I’ll take a bucketful more, please!) and Antipasto Misto (the loveliest antipasto plate either of us had ever seen), and the Sifonia di Paste (unlimited table-side service of three daily pasta preparations) were all so, so good.

Becco NYC

We were stuffed after eating all of that but still had quite a bit of time to kill before we had to be at the theater so…dessert, anyone? 😀

I had apple strudel with house made cinnamon gelato and Georgann ordered cannoli. Both servings were huge!!! But we still somehow managed to pretty much finish them off. We. Are. Rockstars.

Leaving the restaurant, we walked to Times Square. I had visited here when I was in New York years ago but I absolutely do not remember it being this crazy! I’d be really okay with staying far away from Times Square the next time I’m in New York City. I have a feeling it’s one of those places that is rarely frequented by locals but is a top destination for tourists. But I could be wrong. 🙂

Of course the Palace Theater, where An American in Paris is being performed, is right in the middle of Times Square. Oh well. We walked around taking pictures (Georgann trying to master the art of The Selfie…) until the doors opened thirty minutes before the start of the show.

Times Square

An American in Paris was, of course, spectacular – I absolutely loved it!! Each Gershwin tune brought a smile to my face; the dancing and acting was superb; I didn’t want it to end! But all good things must. 🙂

Another great day in New York City! One more to go…