Back to blogging and back to Vancouver. Both of those things make me very happy. 🙂

It’s been quite some time since I last published a blog post. I didn’t intentionally set out to take nine months off from blogging but…life happens. Part of that “life” was extreme business at work, part of it was some unfortunate events that made me lose my desire to write for a time. But I’m ready to start again. I’m still working through some things, still seeking direction for my future, but I know I still want to write.

So here I am! Back in one of my favorite places in the world for an entire month! To say I’m ridiculously excited to be back in Vancouver after four years would be quite the understatement. If I thought I loved this place four years ago, the past week I’ve been here has increased that love a hundredfold!

I knew when I visited in 2012 that I had only scratched the surface of all that this city, this part of the world, has to offer. And even after a week I feel like it would take a couple of lifetimes to see and do everything here!  Especially when I’m sitting here typing while looking at this view:

airbnb view deep cove 2

Yeah, I think I’ll take one of those lifetimes to just sit here. 🙂

So what prompted me to come to Vancouver and stay for a month? Well, other than an insatiable desire to visit here again? Running. Specifically, running a marathon. A marathon. A MARATHON!!! Something I’ve said for years I would never do. NEVER DO!!! I really need to stop saying things like that…

So, a marathon prompted me to visit again, and the craziness of life and work prompted me to stay for a month. Yes, I know, I’m super fortunate to be able to take a month off of work – believe me, I know! And I really don’t want to “waste” my month away. I’m taking this time to hopefully clear my head, refocus, and come home with some idea of what direction I want to take with life and with work.

Anyway, back to that whole marathon thing. 😉 My friend/running buddy/travel partner Teresa and I have been running for ten years. We figured this out a few weeks ago and it kind of freaked me out. First of all, am I really getting that old? Second, why aren’t I a better runner if I’ve been doing it for ten years? To be fair, we aren’t the most consistent of runners unless we have a race coming up. So we should probably start signing up for races every few weeks I’m thinkin’.

So ten years of running and numerous 5k’s, 10k’s 15k’s and half marathons under our belt. But the granddaddy of races, the full marathon, was something we just never had much of a desire to tackle. Until now. 🙂

And I am going to close – for now – with that. I really can’t wait to share about my trip thus far. My parents have been with me and it has been SO much fun traveling and experiencing new things with them! They fly back to Florida tomorrow (sadness!) and then I’m on my own for the next three-ish weeks.

We really packed in a lot this past week and have had some amazing experiences which I’m very excited to write about! But until then, I’m going to continue enjoying this beautiful view and gorgeous weather…and maybe some gelato in a bit, too. 😉