Fourth full day of my 2009 trip to Hawaii and I was already working on how I could possibly afford to live here. In a beautiful home. With a pool and an ocean view. Working a job that allows me many days off during the week to actually enjoy living here. Yeah. I’m still working on that…four years later. {sigh}

Our day started with an exciting trip to Wal-Mart which was amazingly not very exciting. But the day got better! Oh so much better!!

part 3 car

This being our fourth day in Hawaii, we were more than ready for some beach time! And my Aunt and Uncle delivered big time!! We drove to Kukio, a private oceanfront club and residential community north of Kona. There are no “private” beaches in Hawaii. If you build a private community or resort near the water, you are required to provide public access to the beach. Kukio even has a public parking area and restrooms – you just need to check in at the security gate. Lucky for us!

Oh, and in case you’re interested, the homes here range in price from a mere $3 million to over $12 million. Welcome to Hawaii.

We came to call this beach “Paradise Beach” and I think these pictures attest to the fact that it does indeed look like paradise!

part 3 kukio collage

We found a spot in the shade, laid out a blanket, set up some beach chairs, and enjoyed a most wonderful lunch in the most wonderful setting.

part 3 kukio picnic

After our picnic, Teresa, Janellen and I walked to one of the beaches and discovered that this is a turtle haven! So many sea turtles! We got closer to them than we probably should have but they are just so darn cute!

part 3 turtles

They even like to cuddle with each other…

part 3 turtle cuddles

Our first dip in the Pacific was glorious!! I just love being in the ocean! Or on the ocean!! Or anywhere near the ocean!!! So lovely!

part 3 kukio swim

A few of us ventured over to another area of the beach, more of a quiet cove, while others enjoyed resting and reading in the shade.

part 3 kukio collage2

I seriously could have stayed here all day. Heck, I could have erected a tent and stayed here overnight! Hmmm…maybe this is my answer to living in Hawaii. Ocean view…nature’s pool…and the accommodations? Eh, who needs decent accommodations when you’re living in paradise! 🙂

We sadly left Paradise Beach and headed back home where us girls practiced our snorkeling skills in the pool. While being served pupus (hors d’oeuvres) and watching the Orlando Magic play the Lakers in the NBA Finals – from the pool. I promise we were not spoiled on this trip. Okay, that’s a lie.

part 3 pool

After a dip in the hot tub, we freshened up, ate a wonderful dinner on the lanai (where we ate ALL of our meals), then lit a fire in the fire pit and watched the sun set over the ocean.

part 3 sunset

Now I am going to work on my “Must Move to Hawaii NOW” game plan….

But first, day five! And our first day of snorkeling! We went to Kahaluu Beach Park which I remember from my previous visit. Not much of a beach here but the snorkeling is pretty good! The water was cold and walking across the slippery lava rocks in snorkel fins was pretty challenging. But it was all well worth it!

So many fish to see in these waters including the Hawaii state fish – Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (or, Reef Triggerfish for those non-Hawaiian speakers out there).

part 3 fish collage

And when in Hawaii, you are always encouraged, nay expected, to wear socks with your flip-flops. Trust me on this.

part 3 flip flops

The afternoon was spent shopping, then us “girls” decided to treat the “adults” to a home-cooked dinner. We made one of our specialties: stromboli! Yum!!!

part 3 stromboli

And dinner was finished with a help-yourself banana split bar!

And that was finished with all of us falling into a food-induced coma…

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