Hawaii Vacation 2009: Day Six. Today we took our snorkel gear to Honaunau Bay which is overlooked by the Puuhonua O Honaunau National Historic Park. These waters are much deeper than Kahaluu with perhaps not as many fish. But it’s still neat to be able to see underwater to the sea floor far below.

part 4 honaunau snorkel

On my first trip to Hawaii, I remember asking my Uncle if he had ever seen a shark here. I am both fascinated and terrified of these creatures. His non-answer: “Dena, you have to remember that this is the Pacific Ocean.” Believe me, I kept my eyes peeled both then and on this trip for the slightest sign of any man-eating beasts! (I’ve never seen a shark on either trip to Hawaii for those who are wondering)

We spent some time snorkeling in the bay then came back to shore and drove into the Puuhonua O Honaunau National Historic Park where we staked out a spot near the water to have a lovely picnic.

part 4 honaunau picnic

After exploring the area for a bit, we got back in our cars and drove to the grounds of the City of Refuge inside the park. We did make a short stop along the way to take this picture:

part 4 leland

No clue who that is with my Dad? I had no idea either. Apparently that is Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son, Leland. No clue who Dog the Bounty Hunter is? I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Really.

Our two-car caravan had passed his car and my Uncle pointed out to my parents that it was Leland. Next thing you know, my friends and I watched as my Mom jumped out of their car and ran up to his asking if he would mind having his picture taken with my Dad. Yes, this happened. He was very kind and obliged. I love my parents.

After this detour we continued to the City of Refuge, still riding high on being so near a real celebrity (okay, some of us were – and it wasn’t the some of us in my car).

In old Hawaii, if you broke a law, the penalty was death. Your only hope of survival was to get to a Puuhonua, or place of refuge, before being caught. If you reached this sacred place, you would be saved. The park also contains the Royal Grounds where chiefs would ride their canoes into Keone’ele Cove.

part 4 honaunau

There is also the Ki’ilae Village which offers a glimpse into Hawaii’s past.

part 4 honaunau 2

We were led through the park by the best possible tour guides: my Aunt and Uncle! They are so knowledgeable about the history of Hawaii and these sacred places.

Leaving the National Park, we headed back home where my parents got ready for a date night out celebrating their anniversary, and Teresa, Janellen and I got ready for a girls night out with my Aunt!

part 4 girls night

We started our evening with drinks and pupus at the Royal Kona Resort. We sat outside by the water and had a lovely view of the sunset, the outrigger canoes, and the TV where game five of the NBA Finals was showing. The Magic lost to the Lakers in overtime. These games seriously stress me out.

part 4 royal kona resort

Leaving the Royal Kona Resort, we headed over to The Fish Hopper for dinner. A lovely dinner with another lovely view of the water (or it would have been a lovely view had it not been dark outside at this point).

part 4 fish hopper

My Aunt is the best and we had such a fun evening of good food and laughter! Another perfect day in paradise!

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